Privacy Policy

Current version, last change 26 August 2016.

To provide GeneralSync and related services, we (Dirk Steinmetz, Am Retzgraben 10, D-79108 Freiburg) collect and process various types of data provided by you.

Protecting said data is important to us. This document shall provide you an overview describing when, how and why we collect personal and other data.

1. Collection and use of data

While using our internet services, other services and/or our software, we might gather and process personal data. Personal data is information that can potentially be used identify a person.

If you provide personal data to us, or if such data is provided to us through systems you use to access our services automatically, we will only use said data in accordance with contracts you entered with us, to respond to your queries or for administrative purposes.

Your personal data will only be transferred to third parties, if you previously agreed on such transfer or if such a transfer is required according to the contracts you entered with us – for example transferring data to suppliers. You may revoke your agreement to any transfer or storage of your personal data at any time, effective for the future.

If you revoke your agreement to the storage of your personal data, storage of said data is no longer required for the purposes listed above or if legal reasons prohibit us from keeping it, we will delete your personal data.

The following segments describe, how and why we collect personal data. In order to provide you with a better overview, we occasionally mention non-personal data as well.

1.1 Collection and use of IP-addresses

To identify communication endpoints in the internet, so-called IP-addresses are used. These addresses may provide hints about the identity of the user.

Besides the technically required processing of IP-addresses to communicate with your devices, we attempt to keep storage and processing of IP-addresses to a minimum. However, we reserve the right to collect and store IP-addresses for a reasonable time to recognize attacks against our infrastructure or to protect us from such attacks, as well as to troubleshoot issues with our services, as far as such storage is lawful.

1.2 Logging of requests

To optimize our services we may log requests to our infrastructure. These logs contain technical information, for example the URL requested, the referring URL (if available) or the application used. Logs do not contain IP-addresses or content.

Raw logs will be kept for up to two days for evaluation, afterwards they will be deleted completely.

1.3 GeneralSync account

While many services are available without registering for an account, registration is mandatory for some features.

Information entered at registration time or later added to an existing account is stored and processed in order to provide our services. In particular, we reserve the right to send information related to a user's use of our services to the email address(es) associated with an account. This includes, but is not limited to, changes of offered services or information about technical issues.

The amount of data collected can be determined from the respective forms.

1.4 Direct communication

If you initiated direct contact (for example by email), we use the data provided by you in order to process your request, and archive it for further communication.

2. Correction and deletion of personal data

You may request details of your personal data held by us free of charge. Additionally, you may request correction of wrong personal data, as well as locking or deletion of of your personal data in general – unless we are required to store said information by law.

To get information on your personal data, to initiate a correction, lock or deletion, or if you have additional questions on our usage of your personal data, please contact us directly.

We will respond to all reasonable inquiries for access, correction, supplementation or deletion of personal data.

3. Cookies

When visiting our website or using our services, we might store information in the form of a so-called Cookie on your computer. With cookies we can, for example, store your preferences and recognize users logged in.

If you would prefer us not storing cookies on your computer, please adjust your browser's configuration in order to delete or block cookies. Some features (for example GeneralSync accounts) will not be available while cookies are unavailable.

4. Security

We adopted technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against unintended or unlawful deletion, modification, loss, as well as unauthorized transfer or access. These protective measures are continuously enhanced to keep pace with recent technology.

5. Links to third parties

We'd like to point out that our websites, software or other products may contain links to content or services provided by third parties. We are not responsible for these contents or services.

6. Updates to this policy

Due to the continuous development of the internet we will continuously adjust our measures to protect your privacy. We thus may change this privacy policy from time to time, changes will be published on this page in advance. If you registered for a GeneralSync account, we will notify you of important changes via email.