What's GeneralSync?

Keep your data in sync. Automatically. GeneralSync automatically distributes your contacts and calendars to connected devices in the same network. Once set up, you may forget it's there.
Thunderbird, Outlook, Android. GeneralSync integrates into Thunderbird, Outlook and the Android system, permitting you to access synced data with all Android apps supporting native contacts and calendars.
Protect your privacy. GeneralSync exclusively uses direct connections between your devices, and thus never sends your data or related metadata to the cloud.
No limits. GeneralSync enables you to sync any number of PCs, tablets and smartphones. There's also no limit on the number of calendars or address books you can manage.
Carry your data with you. If a device (for example, your smartphone) is used in multiple local networks, GeneralSync can even sync devices that are not otherwise connected – without using the Internet.
Share and Collaborate. GeneralSync enables you to send restricted copies of your data to family members or coworkers and to work on the same content simultaneously from multiple devices.
Don't fear conflicts. When changing content on multiple devices at the same time, GeneralSync will store all conflicting changes and permit you to select the one to keep later, from any device.
Free public beta. GeneralSync is currently available for free, while we're constantly adding and improving its unique features. If you want, you can shape the final product with your feedback!
Discover for yourself:
More information is available in our FAQ.